“Last Day of Summer” Debut Single!

We launched the song worldwide on 9/22/11, the last full day of summer!

Feedback :)

“Reminds me of the power-pop masters like XTC, The Posies & The Beach Boys,,,, Wow! Who are the MonkiTwinz? Where did these guys come from?! Warning – This song is super catchy, and may cause spontaneous smiling and silly dancing! I’m loving the sunny vibe of this song, and the energy they put into honoring the “Last Day of Summer”. This track reminds me of songwriting by some of the pop masters; at times elements evoke memories of classic tracks by XTC, The Posies and maybe a pinch of Beach Boys. It’s hard not to feel better after hearing this song a few times. I dare you! Let’s hope these guys kick out some more gems like this one!”

— Donny B (Amazon Customer), Amazon.com